Thursday, December 07, 2006

Crisis in the Sudan Series with Global Nomads

Mackey Luffman's high school World Civilizations class is knee-deep into a study of genocide and its implications to our own society and to its foreign policy. In pursuit of that learning, we signed up for Global Nomads Group's "Considering Genocide in Sudan" IVC series.

Participating in the first of that series was enlightening for Mr. Luffman's class. He told me that he felt our students were well prepared, perhaps better so than others; but that even so they enjoyed the discussion with students in schools in Canada, Texas, and Indiana, led by GNG founder David Macquart.

The second event, held at noon our time on Thursday the 7th of December, had more schools participating and a very interesting presentation and interactive discussion with activist Erin Mazursky, a Georgetown University student who is founder of the organization STAND: A Student-led Anti-Genocide Coalition.

Mr. Luffman is inviting his students to comment here as a follow-up, be sure to check the "Comments" here, and feel free to comment as well (comments are moderated).

Pictures I snapped during the events are posted at Here's a picture player:

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